Minnesota Greek Alumni Council

Minnesota Greek Alumni Council

The mission of MGAC is as follows:
- Grow a stronger and larger Greek Community through alumni collaboration.
- Represent Greek alumni and provide a united voice to guide, advise, and advocate in matters impacting the Greek community.
- Nourish bonds between Greek alumni and the University and create opportunities for alumni to “give back” to the Greek and University communities.
- Enrich the student experience by organizing joint actions and identifying best practices.
- Provide a communications channel to/from Greek organizations which informs while enhancing the reputation and awareness of Greek life.
- Collaborate with the University and active chapters to resolve issues of mutual concern.

Minnesota Greek Alumni Council News as of January 2019:

As the newly elected chair of the Minnesota Alumni Council (MGAC), I’m excited to share some opportunities for local alumni to be more involved in the council as a committee member.

MGAC is an organization established to support Greek Student initiatives and to engage Greek Alumni at the University of Minnesota. During the board meeting on January 22nd, the Minneapolis St Paul Alumnae Chapter of Tri Delta was officially recognized as a member of MGAC.

Our goals for 2019 include many opportunities for alumnae to engage with MGAC (U of M alumni or local Greek alumni alike). Please contact me if you’d like to participate in either of these two committees:

Greek Alumni Value Proposition – MGAC initiated a study on the perception of Greeks at the University of Minnesota. This initiative will focus on marketing opportunities to improve negative perceptions and to continue to reinforce the positive ones. Board member lead is Jim Romlin, Delta Tau Delta.

Alumni engagement – our reach into the general Greek alumni community has been limited in the past. Our goal is to increase participation in MGAC programming and develop a network to provide input to the important issues facing Greek students and chapters at the University of Minnesota; programs similar to the All Greek “It Ends Here” Sexual Misconduct Kick off held in October of 2018.

MGAC partnership with Gopher Athletics – initiatives that will provide a mutually beneficial partnership with Greek Students / Alumni and Gopher Athletics

Leslie Schroeder  leslie.schroeder@radissonhotels.com

MGAC Board Chair