Greek Life at the University of Minnesota

As Tri Delta alumnae living in the Twin Cities, we are interested in recolonizing the collegiate chapter of Tri Delta on the University of Minnesota campus.  Despite heroic efforts, we were not chosen to recolonize in 2013 when the University opened applications for more sororities. Read Daily article on results .  We continue to position ourselves to be competitive when the next opportunity presents itself by establishing a Task Force for Re-colonization.  Kim Beecham is the chairman. 

If you wish to help, here are some suggestions:

Δ Pay your alumnae dues and encourage your sisters to participate and to pay their dues.
Δ Join or Like these groups on FaceBook

      Δ Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumnae Chapter of Delta Delta Delta
      Δ TCAPA: Twin Cities Alumnae Panhellenic Association

Δ If you are on LinkedIn, consider adding the following groups:

     Δ Delta Delta Delta
     Δ Minnesota Greek Alumni Council
     Δ University of Minnesota Alumni Association 

Historical information:

In 2012 President Kaler appointed a Greek Community Task Force which produced a comprehensive report on the state of Greek life and made recommendations related to students, alumni and housing. Read the full report here: Greek Community Strategic Task Force Report

Since then the University has: 

    Δ Committed $6 million to a chapter house renovation loan program 
    Δ Provided financial and staff support for the development and implementation of the task force       report 
    Δ Funded a chapter house forensic study 
    Δ Recently committed additional funding over three years to support Greek initiatives that would advance the goals set out in the Task Force report. 

The Greek Alumni Council (MGAC) was established within the University of Minnesota Alumni Association in 2013 to represent Greek chapters and work to enhance Greek life at the U. If you are interested in learning more about MGAC, connect here.